Managing Microsoft Groups

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Microsoft Groups

  • Microsoft Groups are used for a number of things. For example, to define a Department.
  • These Groups are typically used to allow access to services, such as OneDrive.
  • The Owners of a Group are able to manage the Membership of these Groups.

NOTE: If your Department has lost control over the Group (eg both Owners left the College at the same time without transferring control of the Group to a successor), please open a ticket to request that a new Owner be designated.

Members and Owners

  • Members of a Group are those who are actually granted access to the respective service. They cannot manage the Group.
  • Owners of a Group can manage Members and other Owners. They have no other access rights. They are not inherently a Member.
  • If an Owner requires access to the target service, they should be both an Owner and a Member.

Managing Membership

  1. Navigate to
  2. On the left, click My Groups
  3. On the left, click Groups I Own
  4. Select the Group you want to manage
  5. Click either the "Members" or "Owners" Tab
    • It is recommended to quickly review both lists while you're here to ensure that access rights are kept up to date.
    • It is also recommended that at least 2 Owners are assigned from the responsible area for continuity of operations.
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