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LOCKED OUT of your MySUNYOrange Account? 
FIRST TIME logging into MySUNYOrange

Logging into a computer on campus
Password / Format Setup Rules
I STILL CANT LOGIN - Open a ticket for MySUNYOrange Login assistance


LOCKED OUT? Don't know your Username, Email address, or Password?

Need a password reset? -  try using our Password Self Reset tool.

Needs your account information? (email address & username) use the Account Lookup tool

First time logging in to MySUNYOrange:

Browse to or use the MYSUNYORANGE button at the upper left header on our website

  • Username will be the entire email address (look up your email address with the following tool:
    • Username: assigned sunyorange email address
    • Password: initial password format will be provided to you in your personal Email and/or mailed Admissions Packet (Students).  
    • Once successfully logged in with temporary password, you will be prompted to update your password
    • After updating your password, follow the prompts to setup your MFA (mulit-factor authentication).  Use the instructions on MFA setup if you need them 


RETURNING Students / Employees

Not your first time logging in to MySUNYOrange?

If you have ever logged into MySUNYOrange and setup your OWN unique password - then that is the active password on your account.
If you do not remember your email address or username use following tool:
Need a password reset? -  try using our Password Self Reset tool.

If you are not able to use the Password Self Reset tool, then a Technical Services Administrator will need to verify your identity and reset it for you - please open a ticket.

NOTE: When students leave they may still have access to their MySUNYOrange account as an alumni for up two years.


Logging in to a computer on campus:

When logging into a computer on campus, log in with username & password (NOT full email address)
For example: Employee John Heart logs into his office computer (windows login) with the username johnheart + password - THEN after launching his desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc…) he would use his full email address to log into the MySUNYOrange portal


Password Setup Rules:
Password creation rules (Microsoft)

Must be at least 12 characters long.
Must NOT include any of the following values: password, test
Must NOT include part of your name, user name, your Anumber.
Must include at least one UPPERCASE letter
Must include a number.

New password can NOT have been previously used


STILL Can't login to MySUNYOrange?  - Fill out a LOGIN issue form for technical support.

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