Computer & Network Use Standard

This policy defines the acceptable use of computers and networks made available to employees and students of the College and any other person granted such access.

The College network exists to enrich the learning environment and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of all other College operations. Usage of the network is a privilege and is limited to those functions.

Since some communications over the network involve matters of academic freedom and sensitive or protected communications, this Policy assumes the privacy of such communications.

User Responsibilities

Since College computers are to be used only for enriching the learning environment or for enhancing the operating effectiveness of the College, following are the types of uses that are prohibited:

  • Displaying or transmitting material that is not educational or does not support the curriculum of a College and that could otherwise be considered sexually explicit, profane, racist, harassing, threatening or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment;
  • disguising the source of electronic messages
  • modifying the network in any way (includes adding access points or installing bridges, switches, hubs, or repeaters)
  • running unauthorized programs or applications on the network
  • gaining unauthorized access to any electronic resource
  • circumventing security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access
  • accessing, downloading, or storing of copyrighted software or information which is not licensed
  • transmitting any material in violation of United States or New York State regulations
  • using computing resources for commercial or profit-making activities
  • accessing or attempting to access any electronic resource for which the user does not have authorization
  • disrupting another user’s work or system
  • broadcasting messages or any other activity that results in the congestion of the network.
  • distribution and/or sharing of user accounts and passwords

College Responsibilities

The College is responsible for the design, maintenance and good working order of the network and for providing ongoing user training on the appropriate uses of the network. The College is also responsible for investigating any suspected abuse of this Policy. Such investigation may include remote monitoring of on-line activities and inspection of user’s computer work areas. If an abuse becomes apparent, the College may invoke stricter supervision, limit or revoke the user’s privileges, or take other appropriate action.

(updated from Cabinet 07/05/06 and approve by IT Governance 09/11/2006)



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