System Maintenance Schedule

SUNY Orange applications and services require regular maintenance for enhancements, upgrades, or to enable us to execute specific business processes.  The regular maintenance window allows the college community to plan for potential disruption.  Outside of emergency outages, the ITS department makes every attempt to minimize system changes during key periods of the academic calendar.  Depending on the task(s) to be completed, any of the SUNY Orange systems may be unavailable or experience some interruption.

Maintenance Window Schedule

     Thursdays from 2am to 7am
     Sundays from 7am to 2pm

Emergency Maintenance: Occasionally it may be necessary to perform unscheduled or unplanned maintenance to resolve a specific issue or vulnerability.  Depending on the type and severity of the unscheduled maintenance, a special notice will be communicated through the available channels.
Emergency maintenance can occur at any time.



Service ID: 1133
Fri 10/7/22 5:28 PM
Fri 10/7/22 5:28 PM