Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Issue

This service applies to Students, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (two-factor authentication) is a security feature that allows you to provide an additional piece of evidence (not just your password) in order log in to your account.  It requires at least TWO methods of authentication – your password and another piece of information .  Think of it this way – you need TWO – things to log in.

“Something you know” (your password)
“Something you get” (MS app approval, SMS text message code, or automated phone call)

Use the Submit a Ticket button to the right to work with a technician on MFA services.

If you are UNABLE to login to MySUNYOrange due to an MFA issue or unknown issue - you can also use the "MySUNYOrange Login Issue" service to submit a ticket.



You can Browse to to add/change a phone number, add another Authenticator phone/tablet device, or alternate phone.        Note: email can NOT be used for authentication

First time setup of MFA?  See the MFA How To Setup guide.

Need more help on Microsoft Authentication? Browse to Microsoft MFA Setup Support article for some guidance.  

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