Office Technology Move / Relocate Request

This service applies to Faculty & Staff.

SUNY Orange employees may use this form to request assistance re-locating computer equipment from one location on campus to another.
We ask you submit your ticket at least 7-10 days before a move whenever possible. 

FIRST STEP:   Download, fill out, and Save, the Office Move Request PDF document, You will need this completed document to attach to your ticket in the next step.  

SECOND STEP:  Use the Submit Ticket button to the right to create a ticket - Use the Attachment section to upload the Office Move Request PDF you saved in the first step.

NOTE:  For more urgent move requests or under an emergency circumstances- call the Service Desk at 845-341-4749 after submitting the ticket and ask to discuss with a supervisor.

Tips on expediting your Technology Equipment Move

  • If you have a laptop computer, take the laptop and bag with you. Leave only the peripherals (monitors, keyboard, etc...) behind in your office.
  • If your data is not in the cloud or on network drives, we recommend you perform your normal backup procedure, power down your computer, and disconnect its cables.
  • Place a label on all large components such as CPU’s, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Improve efficiency/speed of your move by packing your keyboard, mouse, and small, externally connected devices as you would any other item. Be sure to label the box.
  • Bundle all loose cables together. Box if possible. Otherwise, secure them with string and/or rubber bands. Be sure to label any loose bundles not in your box.






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