Accessing your Department Folder in OneDrive


  1. A Department Folder has already been created for your Department in OneDrive at your Supervisor's request
  2. Your Supervisor has added you as a Member of your Department

There are two ways to access your Department Folder in OneDrive

  1. OneDrive Web
  2. OneDrive PC
    • On the left side of your File Explorer (My Computer), Available on College-Owned PCs
    • First, you have to create a shortcut to the Department Folder using OneDrive Web (see below)
      • You only have to do this Once per Department you're a member of - you do NOT need to do this for every PC you use

Viewing your Department Folder for the first time

  1. Find the "Quick Access" Section on the left of OneDrive Web (linked above)
  2. There you will find a small link called "More Places". This link will take you to your Department. Select your Department.
  3. You should now see a Folder called General. This is your Department Folder.

Creating a convenient shortcut to your Department Folder

  1. While viewing the Department Folder on OneDrive Web, at the top of the webpage you will see an option to "Add Shortcut to My files" - click that option.
  2. You will now have a convenient way to get to your Department Folder in OneDrive Web and OneDrive PC:
    1. OneDrive Web - you will find it in your My Files section (left side)
    2. OneDrive PC - you will find it in the main OneDrive folder in your File Explorer (My Computer)
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