Accessing your Department Folder in OneDrive

Before you can access your Department Folder, 2 things have to be true:

  1. A Department Folder has already been created for your Department in OneDrive at your Supervisor's request
  2. Your Supervisor has added you as a Member of your Department in

There are two ways to access your Department Folder in OneDrive:

  1. OneDrive Web
  2. OneDrive PC
    • On the left side of your File Explorer (My Computer), Available on College-Owned PCs
    • First, you have to create a shortcut to the Department Folder using OneDrive Web
      • You only have to do this Once per Department you're a member of - you do NOT need to do this for every PC you use

To view your Department Folder:

  1. Find the "Quick Access" Section on the left of OneDrive Web (linked above)
  2. There you will find a small link called "More Places". This link will take you to your Department. Select your Department.
  3. You should now see a Folder called General. This is your Department Folder.

To create a convenient shortcut to your Department Folder:

  1. While viewing the Department Folder on OneDrive Web, at the top of the webpage you will see an option to "Add Shortcut to My files" - click that option.
  2. You will now have a convenient way to get to your Department Folder in OneDrive Web and OneDrive PC:
    1. OneDrive Web - you will find it in your My Files section (left side)
    2. OneDrive PC - you will find it in the main OneDrive folder in your File Explorer (My Computer)


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