Software Center: Installing Software at SUNYOrange

How to use the Software Center (Windows)

If you are using a college owned device on the SUNY Orange domain, you will be able to use the following guide on iinstalling college approved software.   Note that available applications in the Software Center are pre-tested and configured to work specifically within the SUNY Orange environment. 

If you attempt to install any software not found within the Software Center, you may run into an access error - and will need an System Administrator to proceed. 

Launching Software Center

To find the Software Center, click the Start button on the bottom left corner and search Software Center. It is highlighted in blue below.
Launch Software Center by clicking on it.


You will see something like the screen below. Keep in mind that additional applications are added regularly, so your Software Center may look different than the one below.


Installing an Application

In this example, lets say you want to install the ZOOM desktop Client.  Simply find the ZOOM item/icon. 
Note:  If you do not see the application you are looking for on the main screen, you can search for it using the top right corner search bar.    

After finding the application you need, click on it.    Click the install button, and it will begin downloading and installing to your computer. You will be able to see the download progress status. Once your application is installed it will be ready for use! You may be notified if you need to restart your computer for the application to work properly. 

Requesting Additional Software

If you need to request software not within the Software Center, please reach out by way of submitting a PC software installation request. 

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