Update Required Error: Zoom Client updating on college owned computer

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NOTE:  This article applies TO COLLEGE OWNED COMPUTERS ONLY on the SUNY Orange Domain.

When a Zoom client / app falls behind the minimum version set by account administrators or the global minimum set by Zoom, users will need to update their client before they can access Zoom or join a meeting.

It would be common to get the following "Update Required" pop up window (or similar) when attempting to join your meeting.  
You may be able to join your meetings from your browser until you can perform the update resolution specified below.


Resolution To Update ZOOM on a SUNY Orange Computer:

1. You MUST be connected to the SUNY Orange Network, (Campus WiFi, or VPN if working from home). 

2. In the search box , on the bottom left of the windows task bar, search and select "Software Center."


3. You will see zoom either under applications or updates on the left menu. Select zoom, then select update or install.
NOTE: If a status of "waiting" appears for more 2-3 minutes, or other status seems to "hang" for more than 5 minutes
 - please reboot and attempt to access the software center and the Zoom install again.

4. Zoom should update without any Administrator credentials prompt or Technician intervention.

If you are still unable to access ZOOM please open a "Something is broken" ticket or call us at 845-341-4749.



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