What is the Difference Between the Services and Knowledge Base?


Information Technology Services (ITS) uses the TeamDynamix application to manage its IT services and Knowledge Base (self-help articles).
The system is separated into two parts: Service Catalog and Knowledge Base.

Use the Service Catalog to submit a ticket (select Services from the top navigation menu))
Use the Knowledge Base for support articles (select Knowledge Base from the top navigation menu).  

Additional information about the Service Catalog and Knowledge Base is detailed below.

Service Catalog

The Service Catalog houses the college's IT-related processes/solutions that can be requested by users by submitting a form. To be included in the Service Catalog, the IT request must require the involvement of ITS, normally something requested regularly, or multiple times per year, and something that can be standardized via a form.  Within each detailed service you will see the button to the upper right sometimes labeled "Submit Ticket" to request that service which will open the form to open your ticket.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a library of self-help documentation including informational, troubleshooting, and how-to articles designed to assist with solving problems or finding needed information on your own. Knowledge Base articles provide the answers to frequently asked SUNY Orange related technology questions by providing instructions or videos, links to external sites, detailed information/explanations, etc. 


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