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Something is broken that was previously working!

General ticket form - I CANT FIND what I need in the service categories!

includes desktop/laptop computer, monitor, webcam, docking station, keyboard, mouse...

Request Assistance with Technical Equipment Setup for Pre-scheduled Special Events.

Ask a general question related to SUNYOrange technology and Not sure if you need a technician.

Request software to be used on college-owned office computers.

MySUNYOrange Account issue, Login errors and password reset help

Ensure you will be able to access MySUNYOrange and Services when traveling out of the United States.

Request access to a printer on the college network for employees.

Report technology related information security incidents (virus, breech of information, email phishing, and more)

SUNYOrange employees who have a need to work remote and access the colleges enterprise systems can request access to virtual private network

Request computer lab and classroom software required for academic purposes.
Annual academic software request submission deadlines are:
Summer by April 1st, Fall by August 1st, Spring by December 1st.

Cloud Phone Information and Access

IT Services will pickup college owned equipment upon request.

Setup printer that was recently purchased, delivered, or relocated from another area.