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Banner Admin
Banner Admin (PROD) refers to the back-end of Banner that is most widely used by administrative staff. Offices such as Financial Aid, Admission, Registrar, and Student Accounts, just to name a few, have many staff members accessing Banner Admin constantly to manage institutional data. Banner Admin access is also used to view departmental budget, so if you are department chair, or responsible for your areas budget, you may also have access Banner Admin. Banner Admin is not accessible off campus without a secured VPN connection to our network.

Banner Self Service (SSB)
The majority of faculty and staff do not access Banner Admin, but use another form of Banner known as Self-Service Banner, or SSB, which is accessible right from the Home page of our MySUNYOrange portal. When you access rosters, lookup courses, or enter students' final grades, you are using Banner SSB.

BrightSpace & Instructional Technology

Services Related to Academic Instructional Technology


Campus reporting and Analytics software, pulling data from Banner.

Cognos allows the creation of intelligent interactive dashboards to make informed business decisions. It allows for sophisticated data querying designed to enable personnel to extract data, analyze and then produce reports that would help the college make informed decisions.

Document Management

Onbase and Banner Document Management (BDM)


Degree Works is a web-based degree audit application and academic advisement tool that provides a clear and convenient method for students and advisors to track degree progress. It is intended to assist students in reaching their academic goals and achieving a better understanding of degree requirements.

Students, Faculty Advisors, and Advising Staff have access to Degree Works via MySUNYOrange portal accounts.

Desktop Software (Local)

Software installed and maintained on individual user computers and classrooms.

Website and Portal Services

SUNYOrange General Website, Omni CMS, Portal, and more

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Adobe Creative Cloud Access for Students and Faculty

Software Access provided depending on course requirements

New or Change - Something Else (General Service Request)

General ticket form - I CANT FIND what I need in the service categories!

Report an Incident (Issue, Error, or Problem)

Something is broken that was previously working!

Software Contract Evaluation Request

Request IT research and evaluation of technology solutions, including assistance with review of new or renewal contracts, legal and information security reviews, and procurement submission assistance.